Visiting Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

The Tuesday and Wednesday groups met at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse museum today when we visited to see the basket collection.

We put on our latex gloves and handled the baskets.

fishing box

This one is probably a fishing basket.

Rachel and Peter

Peter and Rachel having a look at very small bike basket.

Lauren and Megan the museum curators showed us the collection and explained about the baskets. The tools that were used in the past and the same ones we use today.


This lovely case that Liz is holding is made from woven straw.

We had a proper look at a bee skep and tried to work out how it was stitched together.

And then we looked at the photos from the collection of basket makers from the local area.


We even did a bit of al fresco weaving after a lovely lunch at the cafe.

al fresco weaving

Altogether a really enjoyable day!

Many thanks to Rachel, Lauren and Megan for making us feel so welcome and sharing the collection with us.


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