Workshop at Gressenhall

While the exhibition is on we did a second public workshop at the museum in the marquee alongside the display. This time group members made the square zarzo basket from willow.


Ros and Yvonne making a start.

2017-10-21 11.18.58

Sarah demonstrating.

2017-10-21 11.42.49

Galina weaving the ‘swoops’.

2017-10-21 11.42.19


2017-10-21 10.19.37


2017-10-21 10.20.48



Proud basket makers



2 thoughts on “Workshop at Gressenhall”

  1. Hi Sarah and Clare

    Thanks for this update. I really enjoyed my time with you and your workshops. It’s good to do something so creative and positive. That does help with my well being too. Thought you’d like to see my seasonal addition of some gourds! I’d be interested in any future workshops that you hold and am happy for you to contact me about either willow or fabric ones. Thank you. Yvonne


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