New work

This week’s session after the Easter break saw the volunteers at Whitlingham Country Park using their newly acquired skills to weave more of the items they have already made.

Susan working on a garden hurdle for the car park flower bed and with the finished product.

Laura garden hoops

Laura finishing off the hoops on her hurdle.

Eunice and Stuart

Eunice and Stuart working on covers, using the gorgeously coloured Repps Meadow willow.

David and Sarah

David and Sarah with this hurdle. It’s going to be used to hide the bins and really too lovely for that job!

Here’s detail from the hurdle.

detail of hurdle

Round Work

Our second weaving session was taken up with round work, starting with some structures that will be used to cover unsightly items around the site. We used boards with pre-drilled holes to start the structures off and made a simple but effective top by folding over the remaining willow withies.


Laura is randing having stated with a three rod wale which makes the structure really strong.


Martin is adding uprights for a  super strong final border.


David randing.

group round work

The weavers added Repps Meadow willow for a decorative touch.

upside down covers

The finished (upside down) covers.


installing cover

Installing the cover…

cover in place

And here’s the result. Good job!

In the afternoon we made wigwams for plant supports. We left them up near the visitors centre because they look so good.






Our first AGM as a charity was held last November.

Trustees at AGM 2017

It was a great time to celebrate our achievements so far and look to future projects. Have a look at the report of our chair of trustees, Jerry Walker. WITHY ARTS Annual Report from the Chair of Trustees

Celebrating Together – Workhouse Workshop Exhibition opens!

Wednesday saw the private view of the exhibition at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse  where members of both basket-making groups came together with friends, families and Withy Arts project workers and trustees to celebrate their success at the opening of the exhibition.

group of basketmakers2

The baskets look beautiful and have had many appreciative comments from museum staff and visitors already.


Joan’s sister Heather was able to come along to see her lovely work.

Joan and her sister Heather2


The new Withy Arts banners look splendid and gave a special feel to the exhibition.



If you get the chance, the exhibition is open every day until Sunday 29th October 2017. Our thanks to Paul and Miriam at Gressenhall for their help setting up.


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