Catching the Memories Training

All the members of the Catching the Memories team had a day’s training in gathering oral history delivered by Colin Stott from the museum staff and how to work with people living with dementia given by Jackie Tierney from the Acorn Centre.

We had a really enjoyable and enlightening day and learned a lot. It was also a chance for all of us to meet one another. We practiced interviewing other with the digital recording equipment.

Gill and Kim
Elfie and Becky
Carl and Debbie

Following in a Tradition

The group at Headway are putting their new found skills to use weaving some beautiful things out of cane and willow. We have also had the chance to look at one of the baskets from Time and Tide Museum to compare the techniques we are using with those of the past.

Joan has nearly finished her basket.

Janet has finished hers and started on an egg basket.

Owen has been weaving with willow, making an obelisk and a tension plate.

A New group…

For the past few weeks we’ve been working with people at Norfolk and Waveney Headway We are starting from scratch learning weaving techniques, using cane. Group members started with baskets on a base which Sarah had already fixed the uprights into.

Joan starting her weaving.
Janet has a brick inside her basket to keep it still.
Tina weaves in plain cane.
Owen’s colourful weaving.
Stephen is using a paint can as a weight.

Week 2 and Michael joins the group. The others start their baskets from scratch weaving their uprights into the bases.

The group.
Michael has finished his beautiful multi-coloured basket.

Self-expression through creativity