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Print-making week

Inspired by our visit to West Runton last week we made prints using elements from nature.

2018-09-25 10.00.31


Katie inks up the plate.

Emily pritnmaking

Emily smooths the fabric over the plate to take a print.

Detail from the prints.


This method makes lots of prints so there will be plenty of choice when it comes to selecting which prints to add stitches to.

We also did rubbings of leaves and other textures.


Keara with her rubbings.

Lucy took a rubbing from the chair seat, which produced a really strong effect.


this Lucy

Lorina’s Legacy


We continue to be inspired by Lorina Bulwer’s sampler; so much so that our latest project, working with two groups of women, extends the work we started last year.


Here is a glimpse of the prints from the groups’ first week – stunningly beautiful work.

Our work space was limited and we dried the prints in the lobby. We had a great time getting in touch with our creative energy.

We made rubbings as well as prints.

Some even got as far as making decisions about the layout of the squares for stitching next time .