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Sewing Circle

We settled down to stitching on the sewing plates we made last week. We achieved that lovely state where we were stitching together in companionable silence.







We also made some new plates for future weeks which we left to dry on the shelf.


More printing and glueing and rubbing

We spent this week making more materials to use in our samplers. More printing of leaves and flowers on to fabric, resulting in some stunning prints…

leaf print2

leaf prints

We’ve also been experimenting with rubbing



and using resists with paint, to great effect.


rubbing and paint2

Some of the samplers are being assembled

with the fabric pieces glued down so that by the time they are dry they make a good base for starting stitching next week.

Final stitches

We had our last sessions together this week but lots in the group will be carrying on with their projects and starting new ones. We have our visit to see Lorina’s sampler next week to look forward to.

The pieces inspired by song lyrics are coming along.


The nature motifs in the prints are a popular element.


The tribute to wrestler Roman Reigns is finished with edging suggestive of ropes round a wrestling ring.



and someone’s even started some sashiko.