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Final session with Headway

Today was our final session working at Headway. The group have made some beautiful Swill-style baskets…

headway group pic

Impressive work, particularly as nobody in this group had any previous experience working with willow.

headway baskets

The group are looking forward to a return visit to the Time & Tide Museum, where they will now be able to examine baskets in the Museum’s collection with a willow-weaver’s eye!

Gods eyes and their role in the swill

We were delighted when Karolina brought her gods eye back to Saturday’s session – she had been working on it at home and completely covered the sticks with weaving!

Karolina with gods eye

We have been using gods eyes, woven in willow, to attach the swill basket frame to the handle. This picture shows the two materials, wool and willow, side by side…

gods eye in wool and willow

Week 2 at Herbie’s

This week’s workshop at Herbie’s was very busy, as more people made willow plates and others started on the frames of their willow baskets, based on Great Yarmouth’s swill.

Janet with her plate

Janet hadn’t worked with willow before, yet she made this beautiful plate.

And Austin put his plate to immediate use…

austin's plate with toast

Austin was a natural with the willow, and straightaway made a start on a swill basket…

austin with his swill frame

He’ll do more weaving next week. Here’s a swill that James was working on, alongside one of Time & Tide museum’s original baskets…

James' swill frame  swill side view closeup

…even at this early stage you can already see that the style of weave is similar. It’s great to be exploring the town’s heritage in such a hands-on way!

New Project!

We’ve been fortunate enough to be awarded Heritage Lottery funding to work with four groups of Great Yarmouth people exploring baskets from the town’s herring fishing industry. The project is called Weaving Connections.

poster general

Weaving Connections will run from October to December 2015, finishing with a display in Great Yarmouth’s Time and Tide Museum on December 13th.