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Starting work on the new project

Today we headed to Barrington Farm, laden with freshly cut willow from Repps Meadow (thanks to Broads Authority volunteers)…

willow in the car

We then spent some happy hours weaving with the artists at Barrington Farm, introducing the artists to the medium. The room was buzzing with creative energy, and after some initial experimentation willow sculptures of all shapes and sizes began to emerge!

art barn after session 1

Gods eyes and their role in the swill

We were delighted when Karolina brought her gods eye back to Saturday’s session – she had been working on it at home and completely covered the sticks with weaving!

Karolina with gods eye

We have been using gods eyes, woven in willow, to attach the swill basket frame to the handle. This picture shows the two materials, wool and willow, side by side…

gods eye in wool and willow

Cran Weaving

We continued the basket weaving we started with a group of women a couple of weeks ago. The designs are based on the traditional Quarter Cran herring basket.

We wove basket sides, sharing conversation, laughter and some peaceful silence.

leeway 041115a leeway 041115b

As well as the satisfaction that comes from making a useful, beautiful item, everyone described the feelings of calm and relaxation that they experienced throughout the workshop – it was a great session.

Week 2 at Herbie’s

This week’s workshop at Herbie’s was very busy, as more people made willow plates and others started on the frames of their willow baskets, based on Great Yarmouth’s swill.

Janet with her plate

Janet hadn’t worked with willow before, yet she made this beautiful plate.

And Austin put his plate to immediate use…

austin's plate with toast

Austin was a natural with the willow, and straightaway made a start on a swill basket…

austin with his swill frame

He’ll do more weaving next week. Here’s a swill that James was working on, alongside one of Time & Tide museum’s original baskets…

James' swill frame  swill side view closeup

…even at this early stage you can already see that the style of weave is similar. It’s great to be exploring the town’s heritage in such a hands-on way!

Making Willow Plates at Herbie’s

We spent a very enjoyable morning looking at heritage fishing baskets and making willow plates with people at Herbie’s on Monday.

This was the first of our Weaving Connections sessions with the group and an introduction to willow working.

clare and steve steve and his plate

Clare worked with Steve as he made this rather lovely willow plate.

Next week we are going to make a start on some swill baskets!